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[News Release] 21 May 12 – Heartland Youthoria! Building “Your Dream Community” (Housing and Development Board)


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heartland youthoria


By ‘One Roof’ from Mixed School
Koh Yiwei, Nelson Tan Yan Cong, Lee Chang Hong

We have decided to create a dream community whereby residents can live, work and play all under “One Roof”. This explains why we have decided to connect the main HDB apartment, shopping mall (blue), office building (yellow) and bus interchange (white) altogether using sheltered walkways. This will allow residents to conveniently access each building.

A multipurpose sports hub/ hall is built for youngsters and adults to work out and play team sports. This is available on the first floor of the HDB building. The middle section will be the apartments. The space in between the apartments allows fresh air to regulate. Just above the apartments is the rooftop open air garden, where residents can come together to cultivate crops. This helps to instil a sense of responsibility and ownership among the residents. Residents can take the lift to the community centre which is a sleek circular structure over-looking the whole of Singapore. This is a place where residents can come together to partake in social activities. All in all, we wish to build a community which provides resident maximum convenience and comfort, and one that allows residents to interact with each other.