31 Jul 11, 23:06
prettycloset: Operated by NP student, please support us! selling iphone accessories at good price!
22 Jul 11, 14:29
ht: any1 noe wat is canteen munch manager number??wanted to ask abt stall vacancy...
18 Jul 11, 16:03
@Sarah: Thank you for loving the Gaga post :)
14 Jul 11, 20:38
Sarah: I love the gaga post! I wish I went to the concert!
9 Jul 11, 17:17
LOFT INTERESTED: Hi. I AM A NGEE ann student. May i know how to book the loft? email the person in charge?
2 Jul 11, 00:19
meiji: Ngee ann poly blk 73 vegetarian food super yummy... they now have rojak, burger too wow
17 Jun 11, 22:37
Noel: Thanks! I took Exploring Photography (IS elective module) in Year 2 and when I was in Wuhan I learnt more from my course's Year 3 module, Photojournalism :D
17 Jun 11, 08:57
Sakurrin: Hi Noel, you took awesome photos for the wuhan trip ! did u take up photography classes?
3 Jun 11, 01:58
Noel: Hey Joe, if I'm not wrong you need a teacher's approval first, then after you have that, I think you log on to Npal, under booking facilities.
1 Jun 11, 17:55
Joe: hello may i ask what are the procedures needed in order to book loft@94?
16 May 11, 18:04
Jason: dammit! didn't get to go Run for Fund
13 May 11, 11:31
@Alex: Hi Alex, I'm sure you can! Just contact them!
9 May 11, 00:00
Alex: hi.. i am year one this year and would like to join NRA, but i have no dance background, can i still join it?
7 May 11, 00:02
zane: Well,is rhere any way i can reach them bcos all the emails i sent to them haven't been replied yet
6 May 11, 23:38
Geraldine: Hey Zane, for this you'll have to check up with the NRA club!
6 May 11, 23:14
Zane: HI,I'm a NP freshie interested in joining NRA.Does we have to pay for every session after we got in?
18 Mar 11, 21:55
Michael: Im from govannon racing and we were wondering if you could email us the animated picture of our car!?
18 Mar 11, 21:54
Michael: Hey Guys,
9 Mar 11, 15:24
NP GUYS: We would like a category called NPGirls.. We are not interested in others. Even Girls>Food
9 Mar 11, 14:15
Jolene: @Chai Tow Kway Yes, there's a very famous one in the Bukit Timah Food centre!
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